Sunday, February 6, 2011

For Scrappin Studio Weekly Challenge "Soften It Up"

Hi, all!

This is for the Weekly Challenge over at Scrappin Studio, posted on 31 January by Iris Babao Uy, one of the very talented Designers at Scrappin Studio.  Of course, i am so proud to be her kababayan :) from the Philippines!  It's one of two reasons why am extra excited to do this challenge.  The other being my first time to use mists.  Am actually intimidated by these mists!!!  Seeing all the fabulous creations posted in the scrapbooking blogosphere make me go WOW! and you know, tell myself that these are for the masters of the art out there.  So i've kept my distance...until this challenge :)  Told myself to get over it and just do it.  There's nothing to lose (ok, maybe some $$$) and pertinent experience to be gained.

My layout is about my two sons, when they were just newborns; either on the day or a couple of days after they were born.  My eldest had to spend some days at the ICU after being born, and i had to choose a photo which doesn't show the tubes connected to him.  Just seeing the tubes again in the pictures make me ache for him  (although now he's giving me headaches - he's so hyper!).  My second son's picture was taken on the day of his birth. So pink and round and the complete opposite of his elder brother!  But now both of them are vying for the Naughtiest, Loudest, Tornado-est award - aaargh!  (ok, calm again...) So it helps me to look at this layout and remember that they were once as docile as lambs hahahahaha!

The challenge called for the use of mists and fabric on the layout "to create a softer look."

So, here's mine:

Title:  Before i met you, i knew i love you
(after my favorite Savage Garden song)

Can't tell from the above photo, but there's actually a blue glimmer mist (Tattered Angel - Patina) on the bottom left corner; while the top right corner obviously has the yellow mist (Studio Calico's Mister Huey - Sunshine --> love how with just one spritz, there's a lot of coverage!)

i just love the cage and the singing bird :)
here's the bottom left corner, but my cam still didn't get a good shot of the mist there.

Ok, here's my verdict on mists: I LOVE MISTS! It's a wonderful surprise, really!  But need to practice some more, i know; much, much more.

Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

Thanks so much!


Donna said...

Oh, this is so precious! What a great layout and cute baby. Great job with the challenge! Love those pearls!

Wati Basri said...

U did awesome with the misting!!!!! Love it :)
And I love the whole look of the layout, so precious & I love that song too

Mayol said...

Thanks so much, Donna! i love the pearls, too! :)

Mayol said...

Hi, Wati! Thank you very much! Really appreciate your encouraging words...And now am hearing the song in my head again LOL!