Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scrappin Studio Sunday Sketch for 6 February

Hello!  It's another weekend.

This is for the Sunday Sketch over at Scrappin Studio.  Got my Studio Calico February kit and had been very excited to receive it in the mail.  The patterned papers are awesome! I love how they all blend together!  (and this is me speaking, the color-combo-challenged girl)  Now i don't have to spend sooooo much time putting together coordinating papers for a layout.  I could cut them straight away to my liking :)

I love the stamps in the kits! Well, am a stamp-junkie (but they aren't visible yet in my LOs and cards, harhar!) and this goes back to my childhood.  Included in the February kit are SC cloud stamps; although they're not in this LO, will definitely use them in my next one.

In the Jawbreaker add-on kit, included is a Studio Calico limited edition Honeycomb border stamp.  I think this is one of the main reasons why i chose this add-on.  The possibilities! :)

So here's my LO.  Am loving the colors - they're so cheery and bright and fun! And the sketch is fun to work with, like being a kid:  just cut the papers with your favorite decorative scissors and line them all up :)  (Although, when i was a little girl, i've always wanted to have a pair of pinking scissors; didn't get to have one until i'm already a grown-up.)

My LO is about my eldest's favorite companion, a penguin doll from the Madagascar store in Universal Studios.  Originally bought it for moi but he said it's his while we were paying for it.  He has kept it ever since, and it's the first thing he checks on when he comes home from school or anywhere outside.  We came to calling him Pingu, after the JimJam show of the same title.  In my journaling, i've misspelt his name with two G's instead of with one and my son corrected me while i was putting the stickers down on the LO title.  Thankfully, the thicker sticker hasn't permanently adhered to the paper yet (Yaaay!) at the time and left no trace when i lifted it.  Good timing, Dash! :)

Title:  Me and My Pingu

A close-up of the top part,

and the bottom part:
Can you spot the little people lined up? Or the honeycomb peeking out from the lines? :)

Will be making another LO using the same sketch for my younger son, but that would be next week. Maybe :)  Still have to prepare birthday giveaways for eldest's class this coming week.

Would love to know what you think - comments, suggestions, etc.

Thank you for looking!


Jaime Lee said...

Wow!! I love your layout. You translate it so well from the sketch! The color matches so well with your kid's picture. So colorful and whimsical! I have to say your son is a cutie!!

Mayol said...

Thanks, Jaime!!! :) I love the colors, too! i find that the Feb kit goes very well with fun-filled photos.