Saturday, June 18, 2011

Touched base...

Hi, dear readers!

How's your weekend going?  Hope yours started great :)

Today i had a chance to do again what i last did almost a year ago:  bake!!!  I had a baking spell that started 2 years ago, got really addicted to it and wanted to try all the different techniques (including fondants - which really, really intimidate me, i've no idea why LOL!).  All that stopped a year ago when i felt there was a lack of support and enthusiasm from "somebody." Really brought me down and i thought i wouldn't be able to bake again.

Well, here i am a year after.  Trust the kids to unsuspiciously bring out something in you.  The past few days they've been restless and resultingly hard to please.  So today, they've just got to be kept occupied! Thanks to my sister's suggestion, out came the good ol' mixer, cupcake liners and the cake mix and frosting (both brought over from the US of A by my youngest sister - Thanks, P!)  lounging on the cupboard.  The electric oven, last used a year ago, had been plugged in once again.  AND OUR HOUSE ELECTRICITY SYSTEM TRIPPED!!!  Yes, i kid you not!  Made me think twice about going through the whole thing.  But since we've mixed the ingredients all together already, i ordered everybody out of the kitchen and plugged in the oven again.  And we got to bake almost 2 dozen cupcakes.  The kids enjoyed every messy minute of it.  We had to wash them TWO separate times to clean them up!!! 

Would just like to share some pictures...

Here is when they were putting the frosting and sprinkles.

 Here are the finished cupcakes.  We call them volcano cupcakes since they look like volcanoes which just erupted, the way the boys put the frosting and sprinkles.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Thanks for dropping by! :)

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